Healing Heart Hospitality House

A dream began over 30 years ago
7 years' effort in greater Worcester area

Two woman | One mission

two women one mission - hoealing heart hospitality house

Who Needs a Hospitality House?

  • — Caregivers
  • — Mother's with Neo-natal Babies
  • — Accident Victims
  • — Student's Parents
  • — Elective Surgery Patients
  • — Doctors
  • — Social Workers
  • — Nurses

Every day seriously ill patients from the surrounding area, as well as from distant localities, arrive in the Worcester area for high level trauma and specialized medical services. Their family members or friends follow, sometimes with just what they are wearing at the point of notification. For families from out of town, seeing a loved one through a serious illness exacts a high price. Unable to work, they scramble to manage home and family. Surrounded by strangers, they must set aside their worry and grief to save strength for the bedside visit. Like their loved ones they too need nurturing and care at this critical time.

Worcester Resources

♥ There are only two hospitality houses and they are restricted to cancer patients and their families.
♥ Worcester has 4 major hospitals within a 5 mile radius:
    ◊ AdCare Hospital - 114 beds
    ◊ Fairlawn Hospital - 110 beds
    ◊ St. Vincent Hospital – 321 beds
    ◊ UMass Memorial Hospital - 687 beds
    ◊ Worcester Recovery – 126 beds
♥ Umass memorial has a level One Trauma Center, Transplant Program, Heart & Vascular, Joint & Orthopedic, Neo-Natal Intensive Care & Pediatric Specialties…
♥ The Worcester community has more than 30,000 students enrolled…many of the students live in other cities or states.

Board Members


Nancy - healing heart hospitality house

Nancy Whalen

Vice President

Carol - healing heart hospitality house

Carol Lewis


Gina - healing heart hospitality house

Gina Gaudet


It certainly fits well with the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s motto, 'Caring for our patients like family.'

- Michael J. Thompson, MD, UMass Memorial Medical Center

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