Healing Heart Hospitality House

Healing Heart Hospitality House was established with the goal to provide these vital services to caregiving families and friends of hospitalized patients.

Can you imagine being alone when you are sick or injured and in a strange medical facility? What would you want? Yes, the best medical care available, but wouldn’t you also want someone to help you get through a difficult time? Someone to be there for you? What do most people say after facing a serious medical crisis? "I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and friends."



We provide:

♥ Caregivers with a list of the city's resources
♥ Discount cards from various business
♥ Caregiver educational sessions
♥ Heartfelt essentials

You can help!

♥ Volunteer
♥ Offer business discounts
♥ Donate goods, services or finacial support


It certainly fits well with the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s motto, 'Caring for our patients like family.'

- Michael J. Thompson, MD, UMass Memorial Medical Center

Quick Contact

Call us at
(508) 234-9380

or mail to:
PO Box 2432
Worcester, MA,

Email: info@healinghearthouse.org

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