Being A Volunteer

As with most non-profit organizations, volunteer services are critical to its success. Please consider offering your Time, Expertise, Talents and/or Treasurers

  • ♥ Host a Support Group for Caregivers
  • ♥ Set up displays at conferences
  • ♥ Serve on Board of Directors
  • ♥ Speak to groups ie. Chambers, Churches, Hospitals, Other Business Clubs
  • ♥ Carpentry, Electrical, Lawyer, Accountant, Event Planning, Grant Writing, IT Support
  • ♥ Solicit items and fill Heartfelt Essential Bags for Caregivers:
    ◊ ie. w/toiletries, vouchers, parking passes, brochures, maps
    ◊ Shampoo and Conditioner
    ◊ Soap and Wash clothes
    ◊ Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
    ◊ Shaving cream and disposable razors
    ◊ Deodorant and skin cream
    ◊ Lap Blankets
    ◊ Magazines, puzzles, books
    ◊ Gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, Walmart, Target, CVS


It certainly fits well with the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s motto, 'Caring for our patients like family.'

- Michael J. Thompson, MD, UMass Memorial Medical Center

Quick Contact

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