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A dream began over 30 years ago

Two Women – One Mission

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The Dream Continues

After building this beautiful dream, Nancy and Carol handed over the reins to Devon and Ryan Robichaud - who together with their family and the support of the Healing Heart Hospitality Board of Directors, are excited to continue Nancy and Carols hard work and keep their dream alive.

Board Members

Devon Robichaud, ACNP: Healing Heart Hospitality President

Ryan Robichaud, Vice President

Nancy Whalen: Original Founder

Carol Lewis: Original Founder

Treasurer: Vacant

Tracy Lewis: Secretary

Beverly Johnson, M. Ed.

Frank Domino, M.D.

Brendan Monahan

Wendy Robbins, BA

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Who Needs a Hospitality House?

Every day seriously ill patients from the surrounding area, as well as from distant localities, arrive in the Worcester area for high-level trauma and specialized medical services. Their family members or friends follow, sometimes with just what they are wearing at the point of notification. For families from out of town, some whom represent the over 30,000 area college and university students, seeing a loved one through a serious illness exacts a high price. Unable to work, they scramble to manage home and family. Surrounded by strangers, they must set aside their worry and grief to save strength for the bedside visit. Like their loved ones they too need nurturing and care at this critical time.


Worcester Healthcare Resources

♥ Worcester has 4 major hospitals within a 5-mile radius with a bed capacity exceeding 1200. Each provides a variety of health care services. UMass Memorial Hospital alone has a Level One Trauma Center and a Transplant Program, as well as specialties in Heart and Vascular, Joint and Orthopedic, Neo-Natal Intensive Care, and Pediatrics.


How to Reach Us:

Call us at 508-796-5156

Or mail to:
85 Lake Ave. North
Worcester, MA, 01605

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Sunday to Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM

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